I have performed intensive study on the Gerber LMF II knives and identified a TON of misinformation on the internet. A single of the hottest objects I have uncovered problems the Inexperienced LMF II ASEK knife.

I have discovered a lot of dealers that have mentioned the Gerber LMF II knives improperly on their internet sites. Every thing from contacting the Camel Brown knife an ASEK to stating that the sheath for the Black Infantry knife is infra crimson resistant. Listed here you will find the truth of the matter about these knives. My info is backed up by correspondence with the Gerber Buyer Affairs Department.

We will start with the Foliage Eco-friendly LMF II ASEK knife design# 22-01627. The cope with on this knife AND the sheath are (IR) resistant.

Future up is the Foliage Eco-friendly LMF II Infantry knife design# 22-01626. The handle on this knife AND the sheath are (IR) resistant.

Now for the Foliage Environmentally friendly LMF II Knife design# 22-01117. Indeed, you CAN get just the knife, and yes, the deal with is (IR) resistant.

You can ALSO buy just the sheath, design# 22-01118. It far too is (IR) resistant.

Starting up to see a pattern? Any of the Foliage Eco-friendly knives AND sheaths have the infra-crimson resistance developed into them.

Now, here is the most critical aspect. NONE of the other LMF II knives or sheaths are infra-purple resistant.

You will see the Camel Brown LMF II Survival knife named an ASEK and that it has the IR resistance but no these knife exists. The Camel Brown LMF II knife only will come in the Survival and Infantry variations. The exact is legitimate for the Black LMF II knife besides that it ONLY arrives in the Infantry model.

BE Careful when you invest in your LMF II knives on line. It is very best to get from a respected seller and if at all feasible use the design selection to verify you are having the accurate knife.


Resource by Marlin Zeller

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