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Traditionally almost all societies have utilized the demise penalty in some evaluate. Now practically all of Europe, most of Latin The united states, and international locations these types of as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada have abolished the loss of life penalty from their legislation and apply. Even so, some international locations these as the US, Guatemala, and considerably of Asia and Africa keep it. There are 69 countries that even now utilize the demise penalty and about 30 other people that nevertheless have it in their legislation.

Latest Situation

In theory, Morocco retains the dying penalty for everyday and armed forces crimes on the other hand, the loss of life penalty has not been carried out considering that 1993. Write-up 16 of the Moroccan penal code will allow funds punishment for murder, torture, armed robbery, arson, treason, desertion or an attempt on the king&#39s lifestyle.


The previous execution was carried out in 1993 on the law enforcement commissioner head of basic intelligence, Mohammed Tabet. He was executed for applying his placement to rape hundreds of women and younger women.

A lot more lately, there was a gentleman sentenced to death for stabbing a international pair in their residence in Rabat. On June 18th, 2007, a Moroccan appeals court upheld the demise sentence. There are at the moment 131 individuals on demise row, together with 7 women of all ages. Having said that, the loss of life penalty is nevertheless the constitutional prerogative of the king, and King Mohammed VI has not still signed a death warrant given that he turned king in 1999.

Royal Pardon

In Morocco, it is customary to mark national and religious holidays with a royal pardon of prisoners. In November 2005, King Mohammed VI granted royal pardon and decreased sentences to 10,000 prisoners to mark Morocco&#39s 50th anniversary of independence. Extra lately, the king pardoned 9,000 prisoners to mark the delivery of his daughter (February 28, 2007). Lots of inmates on dying row have noticed their loss of life sentences reduced to lifetime sentences by means of these kinds of royal pardons.


In nowadays&#39s political landscape, terrorism is viewed as to be the major obstacle to abolishing money punishment in Morocco all together. In May well 2003, the Moroccan parliament passed a new anti-terrorist law, which manufactured standard crimes qualified for the death penalty if they viewed as terrorism crimes. By August 2005, around 2,000 people had been accused of crimes connected to terrorism. 903 of these had been offered prison sentences, even though 17 were sent to demise.

Existing Discussion

In 2003, a civil entity symbolizing 4 associations, Coalition Nationale pour L&#39Abolition de la Peine de Mort au Maroc (CNAPM), was created to do the job in the direction of the abolition of cash punishment in Morocco. The cash punishment debt, initiated by Le Entrance des Forces Democratiques (FFD), has led to the establishment of a commission of jurists to overview the Moroccan legal code regarding capital punishment. In accordance to Mohamed Bouzabaa, Moroccan Justice Minister, the critique is in an superior phase and it seems to be like the debate among the Moroccan jurists is increasingly oriented toward abolition. In October 2006, it was announced that a invoice for the abolition of capital punishment would be offered to parliament for a vote in Spring 2007. Bouchra Khiari, deputy of the bash major the project to conclude funds punishment, the FFD, suggests that the monthly bill is prepared and has been submitted to the normal secretariat of the governing administration.

Political Positions


The venture to conclusion capital punishment is remaining led by Le Front des Forces Democratiques (FFD). Help is coming from parties such as l&#39Union Socialiste des Forces Populaires (USFP) and Le Parti du Progres et du Socialisme (PPS). Malika Oulialy, member of the PPS, states that the abolition of capital punishment considerations the course of action of democratization of the state. She thinks that it is critical for a modern society to regard the suitable to life. Ahmed Kouza, member of Amnesty International Morocco, argues that cash punishment has no area in now&#39s Morocco as it “leaves no options for correction and re-integration for inmates into culture.”

In opposition to:

Resistance to the monthly bill for the abolition of funds punishment is anticipated from Le Parti de la Justice et du Developpement (PJD). They are the only acknowledged acknowledged Islamic Get together, and they declare that the death penalty is regular with Sharia legislation. Islamic groups claim that Sharia Legislation dictates the loss of life penalty in crimes this kind of as murder and adultery.

Islam and Cash Punishment

In Support of Abolition:

Muslim proponents in favor of abolition hold that God has manufactured lifetime sacred, and therefore the abolition of capital punishment does not contradict the teachings of Islam. Oulialy, of the PPS, claims that, “Islam has prohibited killing. Therefore, there is no contradiction in between Islam and a human rights lifestyle.” Quranic assistance for the situation: “No a single can die apart from by God&#39s authorization, the conditions becoming preset as by creating” (3: 145).

In Assist of Funds Punishment:

Several scholars of the Qur&#39an consider that it suggests the allowance for capital punishment. The principal support for this placement is: “Consider not life, which God has manufactured sacred, apart from by way of justice and regulation.” Consequently does He command you, so that you might find out knowledge “ (6: 151). Yet another indicator that the Quaran supports the use of funds punishment is: “And we prescribe for them therein the lifetime for a lifetime, the eye for the eye, the nose for the nose, the ear for the ear, the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds of retaliation. But whosoefore forgives it (in the way of charity), it shall be expiation for him. Whosoever judges not by that which God has disclosed, this sort of as wrongdoers “ (5:45).

Crimes Punishable by Money Punishment:

In accordance to Islamic regulation, there is an allowance for the loss of life penalty in instances of intentional murder and Fasad fil ardh (“spreading mischief in the land”). This is primarily based on: “… If any one kills a man or woman -except if it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land -it would be as if he killed all people today. And if any person will save existence, it would be as if he saved the existence of all individuals “ (5:32). “Spreading mischief in the land” is commonly comprehended to involve crimes these as treason, apostacy, terrorism, piracy, rape, adultery, and homosexual conduct. The Qur&#39an does give a possibility for the sufferer&#39s spouse and children to pardon the perpetrator and forgiveness in encouraged.


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